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Barricades are the primary perimeter of defence. Put them next to turrets or SAS without putting too much barricades, because every turret or SAS has a limited range to attack.

Primary UpgradesEdit

Intergrated barbed wireEdit

Damages zombies as they attack it. Costs $45. A nice thing to buy, but it's not effective on its own (sandbag/wire). Instead, add a Jersey Barrier (or a AT Barricade) with it.

Electrified WireEdit

Damages zombies even more than barbed wire. Very effective as it kills some zombies quick, but Electrified Wire isn't your main defense. Electrified Wire also has a good cost too, as it costs 300 SAS Dollars to unlock and $300.

Secondary UpgradesEdit


Sand, in a bag. Basic perimeter of defence. But isn't a good idea leaving sandbags by themselves because they are only effective with a few weak zombies. Costs $15.


A barricade of sandbags.

Jersey barrierEdit

Concrete barrier to withstand more. So, the only way to get a jersey barricade broken is for many zombies, a devastator, or a few clowns to attack it. Costs $35.


A large barricade of concrete.

Titanium anti-tank barricadeEdit

Best defence against zombies. It's a little expensive, but it's nearly impossible to get destroyed, even a devastator takes a while to break one. Costs 300 SAS Dollars to unlock and $1000.

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